Wednesday, January 17, 2007

nzb support for KDE

A few days ago I hacked a very simple plugin for KDE to provide support for .nzb files meta-information. It is a small kfile-plugin which I based on mpyne's torrent plugin (only mine is much, much simpler since the file itself is a simple xml)

It also meant that I created a small .desktop file to create the application/x-nzb mimetype so nzb file actually gets recognized as such by konqueror.

I basically took the nzb xml parser from klibido and adjusted it to parse only the info needed. It's not fast or optimized but I don't think it needs to be. The following (meta) information is retrieved from the file:
  • Number of files
  • Total Size
  • Oldest File
  • Group(s)
Here is a screenshot: wooooohaa.

I'll be commiting those changes in trunk/kdenetwork/kfile-plugins in the next days.

What are NZB files?
.nzb are "NewzBin Usenet Index" file. They are meant to reference usenet posting. Good tools for linux that supports nzb files are KLibido, nzbperl and hellanzb.

What's next?
Hopefully, support for those files in KNode as well as KGet... (?)


eMPee said...

>The following (meta) information is retrieved from the file: [...]
> Oldest File
that's kinda clever actually.. you can sort out the ones your news provider has already thrown away anyways..

Anonymous said...

do you know what would be really cool:
when you open an nzb file in Konqueror, the nzb behaves as if it is a directory. Konqueror will show the contents of this directory: Children directories with the name(s) of the newsgroup(s) the NZB refers to. When the user clicks on it, the files are visible,as if these are files on the users computer. The user can then simply copy the files to another directory. In the background, the files will be downloaded from the newsserver and the segments are merged. (And if needed, par2 is executed)

Anonymous said...


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I basically took the nzb klibido xml parser and set to scan only the necessary information. It is not fast or optimized but I do not think it necessary. The following (meta) information is retrieved from the archive:

* Number of files
* Total Size
* Oldest Archive
* Group (s)

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