Saturday, January 20, 2007

More work on Konqueror's User Scripts

I'm currently reading as much doc as I can on KJS, KHTML and related parts so I can evaluate what's needed for full GreaseMonkey support in the Konqueror User Script Plugin. I won't attack the "core" until I know exactly what I'm doing so I worked a bit on the "shell" (namely, the user interface)

Since the goal of this plugin (code named Kuskus, btw) is to replicate GreaseMonkey's functionality, the first step was to replicate its UI. GM basically offers 2 things:
  • A Script Manager
  • A Status Bar icon (which duplicates the "Tools" menu entry)
I thought the preferred KDE way of designing dialogs was to create .ui files, so I did. Here's the (final?) mockup:

I think it looks a bit more tidy than the original GM dialog. That's subjective, of course.

I also added a menu entry under "Tools". Right now it shows the script(s) that were activated for the page as well as the option to enable/disable the plugin.

So although it still is as dumb as before (only execute scripts) at least the UI front is progressing.

Next steps: the status bar icon, manager integration, and GHNS.


Milian Wolff said...

Great, keep up the good work!

I wonder if I could help you somehow? I am a total newbie to C++ / KDE / Qt programming, but I'd be eager to learn some new stuff.

NamShub said...


Just keep an eye on this blog as soon as the code is cleaner it should hit svn playground.

(Real soon now ™)

Milian Wolff said...

still real soon now ™ ?

Release early - release often ;-)

NamShub said...

As soon as I can get a stable konqueror 4 to work on.

It's been very broken thus very hard to develop plugins in the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Great job, grease monkey for kq will be so usefull !

Anonymous said...


Great job, the only thing i'm stuck on firefox is greasemonkey, if I could run various userscripts on konqueror I would give up firefox... :)

Are you stil working on these plugin?...


icon manager said...

its a great blog.