Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Argh. I recently had to re-install my computer but totally forgot to backup the kde4 directory where I had a bit of uncommitted work.

This is a shame because I was *this* close to having neat stuff to show. Live & learn...

However a new little feature has been saved since last post, that is a strigi line analyzer for userscript file. It is in the khtml_userscript svn repository. Strigi is really cool to work with, however I chose not to include any Qt stuff and I must say that I missed QString's functionality. Not having Qt I remembered why so many people hate C++ :)

Still no work in the core, though. I had fixed the installer to actually work & be useful and started some work on the core / greasemonkey compat script but they're gone now :(

I also wrote a .gp4 (Guitar Pro 4) strigi analyzers for use in KTabEdit (the new, improved KGuitar) that was lost. I wonder if KFileMetaInfo actually feeds automatically from Strigi. If yes we could delete all the custom file-metadata-loading code and simply feed from KFileMetaInfo. Something to look for...

Sorry for the disorganized post, and lack of interesting updates.