Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to test strigi analyzers?

Yea, a call for help on a blog...

If you remember the first post on this blog was about a nzb KFileMetaInfo plugin that I wrote. Lucky that I am, the entire KFileMetaInfo functions was dropped from KDE4 a few weeks later, superceded by strigi.

I am currently in the process of converting this plugin to a strigi based plugin, as well as a few other file formats (more on those later).

Although I would say the "barrier to entry" for strigi is a bit higher that for KFileMetaInfo, it is a very easy framework to work with. However, I expected metadata from strigi to be shown in dolphin, the new File Manager for KDE4.

But it's not. So far the only way to test strigi analyzers in the "xmlindexer" binary, which works fine but doesn't give a real sense of the purpose of it all.

So, where is strigi used in KDE4, and how do I see it?

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