Monday, June 18, 2007

Konqueror Userscripts - Coming soon to a KDE4 desktop near you.

Well I'm not dead, but I would understand if you thought I was, given it's been 5 month since the last post on this blog.

And (even better?), the KHTML Userscript plugin to provide Greasemonkey compatibility to Konqueror is not dead either. In fact, lots have happened since january.

I'll post new screenshots and maybe a screencast (since those are all the rage in kde4 these days... which is cool). For now, just some instruction on how to build it.

1. You should have a working KDE4 environment with kdebase, because you will obviously need konqueror.
2. svn co svn://
3. cmake (cmakekde, if you run the scripts from techbase)

Please play around with the installer and test as many scripts from as possible. Right now there is *NO* compatibility layer so every GM_* functions from the scripts are very likely to fail, as well as anything using firefox-only functions, such as xpath.

If you want to help with these issues, let yourself known! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great news, really :)

Thanks for your work